Group Tours

Hawkes Farm offer group tours for community groups, schools, kindergartens and childcare centres. On your tour, you will be driven around the farm in a trailer towed by a tractor and can hear all about what is growing and how, by one of our very knowledgeable farmers.

You’ll have the opportunity to pick some vegetables to take home and enjoy some time relaxing with a coffee (or packed lunch) in the vegie patch. Please contact us for bookings and pricing.

The visits are generally for 45 minutes, however you are welcome to spend more time in our vegie patch – it is a nice spot to have a picnic, weather permitting.

The visit will include:

  • Vegie patch chat 10 minutes – open conversation with the farmer about the history of the property and the what is currently happening at the farm
  • Tractor tour 20 mins – guided ride in carriages behind a tractor around the farm
  • Vegetable picking 10 mins – get your hands dirty in the paddocks – eat them there or take them home!
  • Free time in vegie patch (with your farmer available for questions etc)


By arrangement, 10am-2:00pm (start times), Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.

All of this is flexible, so please let us know if you have something else in mind.

For bookings or more information, please contact us at:

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